Monday, November 6, 2017

M@P Meeting on Nov. 13th: Epistre Othea

Sarah Wilma Watson will lead our meeting next Monday, which will address Christine de Pizan's Epistre Othea (Letter of Othea) and Stephen Scrope's Middle English translation of the Othea. We'll also be looking at the corresponding images in BL Harley MS 4431folios 95r-141v.

Sarah writes: Christine de Pizan's Epistre Othea (Letter of Othea) is a mirror for princes/ chivalric manual/ guide to spiritual development written around 1399. It takes the form of a letter from Othea, the goddess of Prudence, to a young prince Hector of Troy. It has a three-part structure - a poetic 'texte' and a prose 'glose' and 'allegorie.' In some versions it is accompanied by an elaborate series of illustrations. It was translated into Middle English by Stephen Scrope in 1440. 


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